4 Essential Reasons Why Global Sevilla Become the Best International School Jakarta

In the era of globalization, there is no doubt that international schools are spreading throughout Indonesia. It includes the area of ​​the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. As the capital city in Indonesia, you can discover an international school Jakarta that offers excellent programs, such as Global Sevilla. But why choose this school? Here is an explanation to know.

Reasons Why Global Sevilla Becomes the Best School For Young Learners

4 Essential Reasons Why Global Sevilla Become the Best International School Jakarta
  1. Applying the Mindfulness Approach

One thing that makes Global Sevilla the best school is the programs it provides to its students. Not only focusing on providing good quality education, but this international school supports the learning process with other positive programs. This will involve the mind and concentration of students in learning.

With the Mindfulness approach, students can highlight the well-being of everything they do. This is very important for students because learning is not only about grades, it is also about their well-being and emotional worth. That is why teachers and schools will always help reduce student stress and anxiety when studying in a school environment.

Not surprisingly, this particular approach is successful in creating students who have a considerable sense of responsibility. Students will also not feel stressed in doing all the tasks that must be done. The program at the international school Jakarta is helping the students to enjoy a class in a calm and relaxed environment.

  1. Schools That Focus On Character Building

Character formation is indeed a crucial aspect in the world of education. However, this is under-considered in many international schools. It is because the school wants to focus on the best academic records, regardless of the individual. That is why Global Sevilla is different from other institutions that implement character building in its curriculum.

This particular method helps younger students to become better people effectively. Students will gain a lot of experience to achieve a positive character. For example, through programs, activities, and teaching that can explore students’ best skills. As a result, a student can understand their nature and develop it further.

  1. Balanced Education

International school Jakarta is also trying its best to keep its education balanced. By using the two points previously mentioned, Global Sevilla is confident to produce outstanding students from both academic and non-academic fields. The school wants its students to have emotional, social, and educational balance while studying.

Overall, international schools do not only prioritize good academic results. But education at Global Sevilla is packaged in a more comprehensive and balanced way. This school makes a viable choice for parents who want their children not to be great at taking care of their emotional, social, and educational needs. It is all applied in a balanced way of teaching and education.